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Fully renovated apartment in a 1920's house. The renovation aimed at preserving the genius loci of the apartment with Art-Deco bones while providing comfortable and esthetic up-to-date living for a young family of 5. 

Kitchen and bathroom renovation and living room refreshing in a summer house from 1970's sourcing the existing furnishing as much as possible  (recycle and upcycle).

Full renovation of a 1940's apartment for a lady who fancies blue and green. 

Kitchen and bathroom renovation in a 1950's country house for a family of 4. 


Remodelling, furnishing and refreshing a Prague apartment for Airbnb.

Minor remodel and furnishing of a Prague apartment for Airbnb.

Furnishing offices in a former attic aparament in downtown Prague

Dark interior brass bed living room teal
sametová křesla zelená koberec kancelář návrhy interiérů interiérový design podkroví

Interior design of a new-built house for a young family. 

Facelift of a hallway and bathroom in a new-built house for a Marvel comics fan's family.

A remodel of two kids' rooms. One for a teenage girl a one for a schoolboy.

Design - Torbová Ella - žlutá.jpg
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