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When you feel good in a place where you spend your time not only because everything works and performs well but also because it pleases the eye and sense of touch, your life is, in general, better.  It would be awsome if that were the case everywhere around us. Let us begin at a place that is the most dear to us - at home. 

In-Person Design

I design interiors for house and apartment remodels as well as in new-built homes.  In remodels, I try to preserve and integrate valuable "bones" of the space (floors, doors, etc.) and furnishings but always in agreement with the client, of course. I prefer high quality natural materials processed by skilled craftsmen, be it metal (brass, copper, iron, cast iron), stone (slate, sandstone, travertine), wood (ash, oak, teak) or other (wicker, jute, sea grass, ceramics, porcelain, linen and other high quality fabrics), although I do not hesitate to grab a budget friendly mass produced piece here and there if it fits the concept or is required by the budget. I like to combine furniture with history with new pieces, I work with textures and colors to combine it all in a pleasing and comfortable whole that is unique and conforms to the needs and nature of its inhabitants. 

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